This is one of my favorite film.

Berceritakan seseorang yg mencoba mengubah masa lalu utk masa depan yg lebih baik menurut versi dia. Tapi setiap perubahan kecil yg dilakukannya di masa lalu berdampak perubahan besar di masa depan. That’s way this called butterfly effect, based on Philip Merilees said in 1972 “Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas..”

Tapi perubahan di masa depan tdk selalu sesuai keinginan si aktor. The ending is, he found the best of the best end his story to sacrifice his own future for better future to every one..

This film lots of message we can find, even this is non-fiction.

Masa depan adalah misteri, qt adalah mahluk yg sudah digariskan takdirnya sesuai dgn langkah kita “saat ini”. Kita tidak bisa mengubah masa lalu agar masa depan berubah, the best thing ti do is look in different view about everything you happen in past to get the positive view, then you realize you can change your future by doing the best in every single step your “present time”..

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